20 pcs Set of  Gel Paints

20 pcs Set of Gel Paints

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Gel Paint Kit

Set consists of 20 gel paints

Volume:5 mleach

Packaging:  in black bottles with seals ,without label 

Made in Germany

- Design can be applied simultaneously  to all the nails, because a special texture of the gel paint  does not allow it to flow and you will always get such a result what you want.
- Ideal for complex sketches, author designs,  monochrome coatings, Chinese painting
- Good  coverage , fast polymerization
- Pleasant smell, no unpleasant odor
- Gel paints can be mixed  creating a new shade
- Color pigments do not settle
- You can draw very thin lines, many colors are suitable for One Stroke technology
- Made in Germany
- All fotos with designs in video are made with these gel paints 

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