Komilfo products

Komilfo products

Komilfo Milky White Intense Base, 8 ml/15 ml


Komilfo 9D Cat's Eye №01, 8 ml


Komilfo 9D Cat's Eye №03 , 8 ml


Komilfo 9D Cat's Eye №04 , 8 ml


Komilfo 9D Cat's Eye №06 , 8 ml


Komilfo 9D Cat's Eye №02 , 8 ml


Komilfo 9D Cat's Eye №05 , 8 ml


Komilfo Confetti Gel Polish CN001, 8 ml


Komilfo Confetti Gel Polish CN004, 8 ml

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Komilfo gel polish is a well-known brand in the nail art world. The company has been operating relatively recently but has already won a significant place in the market with its quality and interesting non-standard innovations. Komilfo boldly sets trends, creates incredible color palettes. Komilfo gel polish has become a favorite not only for professional masters but also for women who do manicures at home.

The manufacturer Komilfo has a wide range of goods, everything you need to create a manicure:
● Bases and tops
Gel polishes
● Auxiliary fluids
● Gel paints
● Gel system
● Acrylic gel
● Everything for decoration
● Pedicure system
● Disposable products - buffs, files, forms
● Manicure tools
● Airbrush Komilfo
● Branded products - bags, cases, clothes

Features of Komilfo gel polishes

The main collection of gel polishes is called "Deluxe" there are about 300 different shades. This series can be bought in volumes of  5 ml, 8 ml and 15 ml. Black jars with silver logo look very stylish.

Gel varnishes have excellent characteristics:
- have a thick consistency, thanks to which they do not spread to the edges, well cover the color of the nail in one layer
- long worn up to 5 weeks
- resistant to scratches
- compatible with bases and tops of other brands
- a wide range of colors for every taste
- have an interesting smell
- dry in UV and LED lamps

The company constantly surprises the world of manicure with interesting novelties, creating separate collections, the latest are:
Komilfo Dragon Fruit - 5 bright colors with black dots. These gel polishes resemble exotic fruits, your manicure will look very creative.

Komilfo Moon Crush - another novelty of 2020-2021. 6 gentle shades of gel varnishes with incredibly shiny glitters. Manicure with this collection will be magnetic like the moonlight.

Komilfo Glow Attack collection attracts attention with its brilliance even more frankly and confidently. 4 transparent gel polishes are filled with a large number of holographic glitters that will make your manicure really bright and festive.

5D 9D Komilfo Cat's Eye - very popular collections with mixture of magnetic tiny glitters. In one bottle can be up to 10 colors. Awersome color-changinf effect!

You can find on Instagram many works of nail masters with gel polish Komilfo under the hashtag #komilfo.

Any Komilfo nail products can be purchased  in online shop Glifada. The advantage of buying with us is fast and unexpensive worldwide delivery with tracking number , no additional tax.