Magnetic gel polish

Komilfo 9D Cat's Eye №01, 8 ml


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Komilfo 9D Cat's Eye №04 , 8 ml


Komilfo 9D Cat's Eye №06 , 8 ml


Lovely 5d gel polish №01


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Lovely 5d gel polish №03


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Magnetic gel polish

Among the great variety of gel polishes magnetic gel has become wildly popular. This gel varnish consists of two components - the main color and small particles that have magnetic properties. With the help of a magnet you can create various interesting effects. In the people such gel polish has received the name nail gel "Сat's eye" as there were very popular designs with a strip in the middle of a nail, it reminded a bite of a cat's eye.

Let's consider the evolution of this type of polish and designs with them.

Cat Eye gel nails

It was the first gel polish with revolutionary technology. Along with this there were various magnets - round, flat even magnetic pen, it was possible to make with their help not only strips but any drawings. The more magnetic particles in the gel lacquer the clearer the patterns after the magnet.

How to make magnetic cat eye nails?

1) Make standart preparation - cut, buff, apply ultrabound.

2) Cover nails with base coat and dry in UV/Led lamp.To achieve more intense color you can cover nails with black or white base.

3) Shake  bottle properly before using. Apply magnetic gel polish on 2 nails and put magnet  so close as possible and hold about 15 sec. Dry in lamp.

4) Cover other nails. Do not paint the nails next to each other as the magnet can damage the drawing  of the other nail.

5) Apply top coat.

Galaxy gel polish

This is another name for the same gel polish. Why it called galaxy?  Because the design with it is very similar to image of galaxy. It consists of more than 2 colors of magnetic particles and holographic glitters. The application technology is the same. Here are some of the designs.

5D Cat Eye gel

5d cat eye differs from its predecessors by a larger number of colors of magnetic particles. Combining several colors creates a fabulous effect that will be noticed by others. Some manufacturers have named 5d gel polish as the "North light" because they really resemble this natural miracle. To get more intense effect cover your nails with a black base, for example Kodi black rubber base cover.

9D Cat Eye gel

The latest novelty from the series of magnetic gel varnishes is 9d. They have the largest colors of micro magnetic particles. The effect is truly amazing. Just don't forget to shake the jar well so that the maximum number of particles is on the nails. This series also includes a solid silver gel varnish. One of the most popular manicure in 2020-2021 is Silver 9D Nails . Silver super shiny magnetic glitters make amazing effect!

You can buy gel polishes with unexpensive prices from leading manufacturers such as Kodi Professional , Komilfo  in the online store of goods for beauty and nails - GLIFADA. Here you can find not only gel varnishes but also other materials to create a creative design