NailApex products

NailApex products

NailApex Top Silver Glitter Coat , 15 ml


NailApex French Base Coat №01 , 15 ml


NailApex French Base Coat №02 , 15 ml


NailApex Potal Base Coat №12, 15 ml


NailApex Universal Base Coat , 6 ml


NailApex Universal Base Coat , 15 ml


NailApex Universal Base Coat , 30 ml


NailApex Universal Top Coat , 15 ml


NailApex Universal Top Coat , 6 ml

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NailApex Gel

Premium quality at an affordable price - main feature TM NailApex. It is ukrainian brand of gel polishes and nail materials. The company has a narrow specialization and therefore pays maximum attention to the quality of its products. Most products are made to special order in the United States. The company constantly releases new products that become real hits in the world of nail art!

NailApex nail products line:

☐ NailApex Base and top coats consists of basic rubber coats and effect top coats with shimmers, flakes, glitters - Universal base/top, Allure matte flake top, Milk base , Coconut Milk base etc.
☐ Modellin gels - cream consistancy and camouflaging gels
☐ 9 Gel polish collections - Basic , "Crystal cat", "Dots", "Krakelur","Opal","Peaock tail","Moon shimmer", "Neon", "Shimmer"
☐ NailApex Polygel / Acrylgel
☐ Stamping tools and gels
☐ Aquarelle fluids
☐ Gel paints : "Best"collection of 15 colors , 4D gels "Plastigel Lux", gold & silver metallic gels, glitter "Mix-Gel", gel pasta for volume paintings "Air", flakes gels "Fantastic brilliance", Spider gels
☐ All for decoration - flakes, aurora pigments, glitters, foils , stickers
☐ Nail Art tools : brushes, files, organizers

How to make Aquarelle nail design with NailApex

TM NailApex has produced 12 colors of aquarelle fluids which can be bought in set or separatelly. Watercolor design is a type of artistic manicure that requires basic artistic skills. Blurry semitransparent spots are common in watercolor designs. If the master does not have the skills to draw colored spots ready-made black or white stickers can be used.

1. Prepare nails - cut, buff, apply primer and NailApex Universal base coat. Dry in UV / LED lamp.
2. Apply 2 layers of color NailApex gel polish. For aquarelle design use light base color - white, beige, nude or pastel shades. On a dark background, the watercolor is lost.
3. Paint spos with one or a few colors of aquarelle fluids (it dry in air). To dilute painting use special liquid.
4. Cover nails with top coat with sticky layer and dry it.
5. Use white gel paint and 00 brush to paint spors with thin lines.
6. Apply no sticky top coat and dry. Your design is ready!

Where to buy NailApex

Any NailApex product can be purchased in the Glifada store. The range is constantly updated and if you do not find the desired product, write to us in Viber/WhatsApp : +3(073) 67-67-220 and we will definitely find what you need. The main advantages of ordering in
+ worldwide delivery
+ without taxes -  always mark as a gift
+ we send all orders in one parcel;