Grattol Opal gel polish №01, 9 ml


Komilfo Milky White Intense Base, 8 ml/15 ml


Grattol Opal gel polish №02, 9 ml


E.MiLac Americano №17, 9 ml


E.MiLac Milk Style №249, 9 ml


Komilfo 9D Cat's Eye №01, 8 ml


Komilfo 9D Cat's Eye №03 , 8 ml


Komilfo 9D Cat's Eye №04 , 8 ml


Komilfo 9D Cat's Eye №06 , 8 ml

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Nail Polish

Neat  hands with manicure are no longer a luxury but now is a necessity. Today is a real boom in the world with the opening of salons and manicure islands  where every woman can make their nails even more beautiful.

One of the reasons is the emergence of new technologies in the manufacture of nail coatings - a gel polish. Gel polish have become more resistant to mechanical damage and practically odorless compared to ordinary polishes.
Also the process of creating a manicure is significantly reduced - now you can create a stylish design that will be worn for up to 1 month in just 1 hour!

The Pros and Cons of Gel Polish

Pro: Long lasting. Manicure made by gel polish coating can wore 2-3 weeks  does not exfoliate, does not break off, and does not lose color (provided the adherence to the coating technology, secure the ends of the nails, the gel polish doesnt touches the skin and cuticles)

Con: It is not recommended for people who have allergic reaction for some components and who have nails diseases.

Pro: Easy to use. Compared to the gel modelling the gel polish is very easy and fast way to do manicure. Just 3 steps for the simplest manicure - base coat, color coat, top coat.
Even easier to apply than with regular polish - the gel polish does not dry in the air and does not need to rush.

Con: It is not recommended for very a thin, sensitive plate.

Pro: Large variety of designs. Gel polishes can be mixed with each other for creating gradients, ombre effects etc.

Types of Gel Polishes

There are several types of gel polishes depending on effects

Most popular gel polish brands

Today there are plenty of different manufacturers especially in China which make good quality products for affordable price
But the most popular and recognizable in the world are : Shellac CND, OPI, IBD, EsFlow, Orly, Harmony. All of them are distinguished by high quality and good long-lasting effect.

Online shop Glifada also offers to pay attention to manufacturers such as Kodi Professional, PNB, Komilfo, E.Mi.
You will be amazed at the good quality, the interesting range of colo shades and the design proposals from these companies

Top tips for long-lasting manicure

1) Good prepared nail plate is basis of long lasting result! After preparing form of nails and cutting cuticle nail artist should carefully clean surface of nails from dust and glossiness.
Without this procedure gel polish base will lay roughly and emply space will cause detachments

2) Other very important step is to degrease nail plate and cover with thin layer of ultrabound. It improve the adhesion of the gel to the nail plate

3) By cover nails with base coating be very careful not to touch gel polish with cuticle or finger skin. If base coating is very thick  use tiny brush and rub base coat into nail plate.

4) All layers of color gel polish should be very thin not to add too big volume of coating. If gel polish is not highly pigmented it is better to make more layers than one rough one.

5) Cover nails with 2 layers of top coat and dry finail coating with 4 min with UV lamp and 1 min with LED lamp.

6) In first 3 hours after finishing manicure full contact with water should be excluded !

Where to buy nail polish online?

The range of products is constantly increasing in Glifada online store. Moreover, you can place an order for nail art products that are not available at all and we will do our best to make you satisfied.
Our online shop offers worldwide delivery to any country!  If you have any quastion feel free to contact us