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White Nail Decals

In the era of easy access to information fashionistas are looking for fresh ideas for their manicure that will impress others and to post their new nail design. Volumetric 3D manicure has always been distinguished by its elegance and meant "expensive" because the 3d pattern is difficult to perform. The volume elements of such a manicure are usually made of gel or acrylic. Quick and easy nail stickers replaced long process with gels or acrylic modelling.

Advantages of 3D stickers:

- fast execution of design
- drawings of any complexity even miniature ones that are difficult to make with gel or acrylic
- predictability of the end result - the client can see approximately the appearance of the future manicure
- ready-made solutions - the master can create a catalog of designs with 3D stickers
- white 3D stickers - perfect for wedding manicure

Designes with white 3D decals

Lace Nail Stickers

White lace is already a stable classic. White seems to bring you back to childhood. White is a shade of a wedding which has already become a pleasant memory for someone and for other is a dream that will become a reality in the future.
A manicure with such a relief element looks luxurious in combination with an evening dress or romantic light dresses. Having made such  design for yourself you will definitely not go wrong, all the attention of others will be focused on your hands.

Black color of lace will add mystery, sexuality to your manicure.

White Flower Decals

3D stickers with white flower is must-have for any nail master! Design with white flowers can be made in any season. Floral nail design is one of the most popular decoration element - lilies, roses , daisies and any other flowers . It is mainly performed in white. Graceful female fingers look gentle and unsurpassed. 3D flowers can be decorated with rhinestones , glitters or painted in other color.

3D White Ornaments

White color of stickers is ideally combined with almost all styles of clothing and various types of decoration, is flawless in every sense, it symbolizes the feminine principle and ideal purity. White dacals can be applied over metallic, aurora pigments it make amazing effect. Different lines, geometric figures, animal patterns, bubbles, swirls - these all paintings are hard to make with gel but easily applied with 3D stickers.

Glifada online shop has wide range of white stickers of different manufacturer with worldwide delivey to any country. All stickers are devided by colors and themes and customers can easily find what is needed. If you have not found the required sticker please email us at and we will try to find it for you.