Opal gel polish

Grattol Opal gel polish №01, 9 ml


Grattol Opal gel polish №02, 9 ml


Grattol Opal gel polish №03, 9 ml


Komilfo Moon Crush №001, 8 ml


Komilfo Moon Crush №002, 8 ml


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Oxxi Opal gel polish, 10 ml

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Opal Gel Polish

Opal is a fantastically beautiful gemstone with a rainbow glow. Noble opals are distinguished by a bright pure color and color-changing tints. This feature of genuine stone is its translucent which are quite rare. Artificial opal can be a good alternative to natural opal stone. The advantages are greater resistance to external influences. Today synthetic opals have learned to make really high-quality and they look very impressive.

Opal in Nail Art

Opal is a stone with unique properties and unreal beauty, thats why it is used in magic. Charms with opal help solve many problems in your personal life: create a family, gain or return love, gain attractiveness ,strengthen friendships etc. The beauty of opal gems has always attracted people and its properties  are used in modern medicine.

The fashion for opal stone has entered the nail industry. Gel manufacturers have started to produce separate series of gel varnishes called "Opal".
The online store Glifada presents opal gel varnishes from three manufacturers - Oxxi , Komilfo and Grattol.

Grattol Opal gel polish is quality gel polish with tiny shimmers, has middle consistancy, can be applied over camouflage base or pastel colors. Grattol Opal collection has 14 shades from clear gel to color gel varnish with shimmers.

OXXI Opal - clear gel polish with sparkle glitters, has thick consistancy and doesnt flow.

Komilfo Mood Rush is new collection which has 6 shades - glitters on clear and camouflage base. Gentle pastel colors allow you to wear this manicure in everyday life and for more festive occasions.

How to make Opal manicure ?

There are 2 ways of creating Opal nails -  adding aurora nail flakes or using opal gel polishes. Ofcourse it is 2 different designs.

Opal nails with flakes

1) Make standart preparation - buff, apply ultrabound.
2) Apply Kodi white rubber base - it will serve as base cover and white layer for design. Dry 2 min
3) On second layer of white base coat put little size aurora flakes and dry in lamp. Try not to put flakes on end of nails.
4) Apple 1-2 layers of matte top coat. Design is ready!

Pros of such method is  that manicure in this version is most similar to the opal stone.
Cons is that such a manicure wears out quickly due to the fact that the flakes that are located close to the edges come off.

Manicure with opal gel polish

1) Prepare nails as usual.
2) Apply Oxxi white rubber base (can be any white base coat). Dry in UV/LED lamp.
3) Apply 1-2 layers of Grattol opal gel polish and dry it.
4) Cover nails with top coat.

Pros is that such manicure will wear up to 3-4 weeks.
Cons - has less resemblance to opal compared to the first option.

Both designs look gentle and charming.

Glifada online shop has wide range of color gel polish of different effects. We try to find novelties and interesting trends in the nail industry. Order opal gel varnishes with delivery to any country of the world. If you do not find a product that you are  interested  you can write us a message and we will try to find what you need.