Red nail art products

Red nail art products

E.MiLac Flamenco Dancer №09, 9 ml


E.MiLac Luxurious Red №08, 9 ml


RNK Cat eye Gel Polish №122, 15 ml


RNK Cat eye Gel Polish №131, 15 ml


RNK Cat eye Gel Polish №322, 15 ml


E.MiLac Nature of Flame №07, 9 ml


Grattol Opal gel polish №05, 9 ml


Kodi 5d gel polish №02


Komilfo Deluxe Series №D079, 8 ml/15 ml

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Red Nail Design

Red color is one of the most attractive to man and mysterious colors of all existing. Red is energy and strength, sensitivity sexuality and aggression. This color gives energy, activates, excites.The symbolic meaning of this color is very contradictory - on the one hand it is love, beauty, passion, and on the other hand it is blood, war, aggression. But in whatever bi-tone the color would not appear, it always demonstrates high activity.

People who love red

Not every woman will wear red ress because it is not only a state of mind but also a bold demonstration of herself. "Here, look who I am." A person in red is a self-confident, attracts other attention. People who prefer this color  in most cases are leaders and take responsibility. Usually such people are non-judgmental and open-minded. Excessive abuse of red, that is, excessive dismantling of aggression can indicate the opposite of a problem in self-perception and unwillingness to solve it.

Shades of Red

There are many shades of red especially when a woman has to choose the color of a gel polish. The manicure master shows a whole palette of red gel colors and it's hard to choose. But people often choose colors based on their state of mind or mood. Here is an example of 4 shades of red that have different meanings and psychological characteristics.

№1 Scarlet Red

The scarlet color is tone of fire and arterial blood , a shade of rebirth, hope, love and self-sacrifice. This shade is lighter than classical red due to a slope in the orange tone it  maintaining the properties of the main color and it is still more positive and innocent.

№2 Classic Red

Classic red is color of life, desires, aggression, the will to win, the will to live. It looks beautiful and expensive this color does not leave anyone indifferent. With the help of red color it can be treated for apathy, depression, due to its properties it can excite the nervous system. If you want to see yourself as a more willful person (leader), to add charisma, - then add more red color to your space it will stimulate you. Clothes of such shades will make it possible to perceive you as an active person.

№3 Dark Red

Dark red color is more calm, restraint. This is the main color of the New Year and Valentine's Day - holidays, joy, peace. If you have a cold skin tone, dark hair and bright eyes ( “winter” type of face) then the dark red color is perfect for you. It is also suitable for the representatives of the Autumn color type. He will make you gentle, feminine, strong character.

№4 Wine Red

Wine red is one of the shades of burgundy, taking over all its qualities: temperament, dominance, regality. There is no limit to his aesthetics-  feminine, restrained, but temperamental, sensual. Decent, luxurious, it is appropriate both for the office and in a festive atmosphere.

Red Manicure Designs

A classic manicure for a spectacular woman who wants to show and express herself is mono coating with red lacquer or gel polish. The shades can range from bright red to muted. Often the red color is complemented by a matte finish that gives the nails a velor texture. In Glifada store you can find various sections of red gel polish of different brands.

Red can be combined with other colors, most often white, black, silver and gold. Black and red give the manicure more aggressiveness, and in combination with white gives lightness and freshness. Red design with gold and silver give a touch of luxury. Here look at these manicures, they look expensive and luxurious.

The combination of red and white is often present in Christmas and New Year designs. Snowflakes are painted with white gel paints, voluminous snowmen 's onaments are made with white gel paste or imitation of snow with the help of velvet sand and sparkle glitters.

The red color is universal - it is suitable for both winter and summer floral designs. Look at the beautiful  3D flowers made by 3D gels. These designs are particularly appealing because they are like works of art. Look how different delicate flowers look on a background of different colors: red roses on a black background - passionate aggression, white flowers on a red background - bright tenderness, red flowers on a white background - an interesting accent.

This color is an absolute favorite at a time when the customer does not know what manicure they want. In Glifada shop you can easily find all the materials and jewelry in red color. Just click on the color in menu Search by Color and the site sorts everything according to the color you choose. You don't have to spend time for searching.