Kodi Base │Top coat

Kodi Neon Base Coat №04, 7 ml


Kodi Cover Base Gel №01, 7 ml


Kodi Cover Base Gel №02, 7 ml


Kodi Cover Base Gel №03, 7 ml


Kodi Cover Base Gel №04, 7 ml


Kodi Cover Base Gel №05, 7 ml


Kodi Cover Base Gel №06, 7 ml


Kodi Cover Base Gel №07, 7 ml


Kodi Cover Base Gel №08, 7 ml

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Kodi Base and Top Cover

Every woman dreams of having well-groomed hands with the perfect manicure. The ideal manicure is not only a wonderful design and every lady has their own preferences - from classic French to bright neon colors with rhinestones. But for all there is another important criterion for perfect coverage is the durability and long wearing time. With the advent of gel varnishes the  durability of the manicure became more longer than conventional nail polish. Women and their husbands no longer suffer from the horrible smell of lacquers there are less ladies with  with exfoliated polish on nails.

Kodi gel nail coats

Team of Kodi Professional has created many types of top and basic coats. Bottles are presented in 7ml, 8ml, 12ml, 14ml, 35ml volume (last two are without brushes)

Rubber Base and Rubber Top - these are flagmans in the technology of nail polish based on rubber. They have become a worldwide hit and still hold their positions. This is a really cool pair that creates a solid foundation for any color gel polish.

Natural Rubber Base - 6 color of camouflaging bases - Tea Rose, Pink, Pink Ice, Natural Beige, Ivory, Dark Beige. Strong foundation and natural colors in ne bottle.

Black and White Base Cover - specially created for dark and light nail designs. Must have for nail masters

Kodi Lint Base - gel polish for weak nail plate which contains microfibers. After drying it make "iron frame" which streighten nails and prevent damage.

Miracle Rubber Top - coat for dark colors with no UV filters, dont mispresent color of gel polish 

Kodi Non Sticky top - create excllent "wet" gloss effect


How to choose base and top for manicure?

There are some general tips for using basic coats in proper way.

1. Dont buy large volume or amount of nail base and top. If you dont work as nail artist and just make manicure for yourself and friends it is no need to buy 35 ml bottle or 2-3 pcs.  If you do not have a constant flow of clients, as in a salon, you simply will not have time to spend it for yourself. Rubber gel polish which havent used for long time can dry and become more thick. It is better to buy top in 8 ml bottle 

2. Try to buy top base and gel polish of the same brand. Such combination will work better.

3. If you noticed problem with quality first of all pay attention on your UV/LED lamp is it in good condition.

Buy original Kodi online

Glifada shop has wide range of color gel polish and base / top covers for it. One of top rated brand in Ukraine and all over the world is Kodi Professional. Many nail shops sell Kodi  fake copy and nail masters become disappointed with this. We have only original product directly from manufacturer. You can buy Kodi gels with USA, Israel, UK delivery and almost to any country. Just add to  cart all products and check shipping cost. If you cant find products which you are looking for please write us message and we do our best to get it.