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Floral nail stickers

Glifada online shop has a large selection of stickers on floral themes. Among them, as usual water stickers and volume sliders. 
The colors of the flower sticker can also vary from monotone to colorful.

Among the flowers from which you can make a unique nail design are roses, lilies, gerberas, lavender,
violets, narcissi, pions and many more.
You can find stickers for every taste, and the most interesting thing is that stickers do not require a lot of time to create a design, they save you time and make it possible to make a wonderful nail design.

There are several ways to fix 3D sliders, which depend on the variant of the adhesive surface. The first method is the use of water. In order to stick them on the nail, you should attach it to a damp cotton pad. After that with a sliding movement pick up and remove it from the substrate.

But there are several subtleties of using 3D sliders, thanks to which they always stick well on nails. Especially it is about sliders which cover the entire nail and become like coating top for manicure. Very often in such cases stickers engage with the end of the nail and are easily removed from the upper surface. Therefore, there are several options for fixing such stickers.

Instructions for fixing 3D manicure stickers for long-lasting wearing:

• Prepare nails in the standard way: perform a manicure, polish the nail to a gloss. Covered with a thin layer of the base, after that apply selected color gel polish in one or two dense layers so that the natural nail does not show through. Everything is dried in the lamp.

• After this, a very thin layer of base coat is applied with a rubbing motion. On a wet, not quite dried base, you need to attach a 3D slider and gently level it. This should be done with a silicone brush. This way there will be no greasy marks on the slider, as well as villi.

• Dry nails together with applied 3D sticker for 30 seconds. The base coat will grabs this slider, stick it. 
Next, the surface must be covered with one more  base layer and only then secured with the top. 
So the 3D nail sticker will hold on for a very long time and will not come off even when doing daily manipulations on washing dishes and floors.

• It is also worth noting that this fixing option is ideal for sliders that are attached as appliqués, not for the entire nail but only for its part. 

• To remove the remnants of the sticker from the ends, and so that they do not catch on any clothes and hair, you should apply a primer on these remnants . It contains acid, which corrodes the remnants of the slider. There is onother way. After you dry the slider, you need to cover it again with a layer of the base and dry it. Take the usual file for processing natural nails, size 240 grit and file on the ends of the nail. This way you cut off the remnants of the sticker.

• It is necessary to cover a very thick layer of the top, not forgetting to cover the ends, in order to block the places in which you were working with file. 
Thus, no burrs, nicks on the ends of the nail will not remain and the sticker will be fixed between the two layers of the base coat  and also covered with a layer of the top.