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Nail Art Stickers

The completion of the image of an elegant woman is a beautiful look, the well-groomed hands were one of the symbols of beauty.
 Nail stickers are a real finding for nail artists and those who try to do manicures at home.

Why nail artist should spend an hours to create drawings if there is a ready-made solution?  With small decals you can make design on  gel  polish coat also on extenshioned nails.
Of course hand made drawning made by nail master is valued higher. But we understand that this work of art on nails will be on nails only  a couple of weeks.
In this sense manicure with stickers is much more practical especially on high season when a large flow of clients and nail masters should save their strength.
Also stickers are very helpful when sometimes nail artist has no fantasy and inspiration for creating nail design.

Types of nail decals

1) Water decals stickers. This is the first type of stickers to hit the nail market. They consist of a film on which the drawing is applied and a paper basis. When it immersed in water for a few minutes, the film is separated from the base and film is applied to the nail plate. It is elastic and very easy to align.The basic rule of well drying nails from water.

2) Thermo stickers.  It is also an elastic film that is applied to the entire surface of the nail. To secure it you need to heat it with a special hair dryer. Today these stickers are not very popular because they are more difficult to attach to the nails and there are a lot of alternatives.

3) Foil Gold Silver Holo stickers. This type of decals has the same structure and technology of application as ordinary water stickers, differing only by the drawing. The metal pattern is applied to the foil. There are gold, silver and other colors with metallic and holographic effect. It is also colled "slider design"

4) 3D sliders. These are stickers that have convex shapes. Volumetric drawings are made of rubber and applied to a transparent film. Application technology is the same as with ordinary water decals. 3D stickers look very impressive as moldind, three-dimensional modeling. The advantage is that the elements of the stickers are made very sophisticated and nail artist can not do the same manually. 3D sliders give considerable time savings and look creative and impressive.

5) Metallic stickers. Made with thick foil which has sticky layer. These stickers should be very good covered by top coat because it has a bit volume texture.

Tips for long-lasting manicure with stickers

❑ Well prepared nail plates is basic rule. Do not disregard the nail preparation rules before applying the base coat.
The nail plate should be well degreased, the gloss layer should be buffered and the ultrabond applied.

❑ Be very careful with gel base and topcoat application. If the gel polish gets on the cuticle or side rollers it does not matter how qood quality the material is , it will not wear for a long time.
If this happened remove the residue of product and clean the skin. If the gel brush is too thick for thin application it is better to use a separate brush.

❑ There are many special coats that serve specially for sticker manicure and its longer wearing. Among them are : E.MiLac Slider top, Mollon Pro sticker top

❑ The edges of stickers should not sticking up and places far away from free edges of nails.

Sticker theme

Also stickers can vary from theme such as
 ❖ Christmas water decals
 ❖ Halloween nail stickers
 ❖ Kiss stickers
 ❖ Snowflakes decals
 ❖ Girls stickers
 ❖ Lace nail decals
 ❖ Heart stickers
 ❖ Wedding stickers
 ❖ Nature stickers
 ❖ Flower stickers                                                               

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