Oxxi Gel polish

Oxxi Opal gel polish, 10 ml


Oxxi Rainbow Cat Magnetic Gel Polish, 10 ml


Oxxi Rumba Gel Polish №01 , 10 ml


Oxxi Twist Top Coat №001 , 10 ml


Oxxi Matte Twist Top Coat №003 , 10 ml


Oxxi Rumba Gel Polish №02 , 10 ml


Oxxi Rumba Gel Polish №03 , 10 ml


Oxxi Rumba Gel Polish №04 , 10 ml


Oxxi Twist Top Coat №002 , 10 ml

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Oxxi Gel Polish

Brand of gel polishes OXXI Professional means premium quality from best raw materials, hundreds of stylish shades, mixes of glitter and flakes, excellent coverage and wearing - all for that every manicurist can create a masterpiece for clients.

Some features:
✔ evenly applied - the consistency and brush of the gel varnish is very convenient

✔ pleasant odor

✔ safe for health - do not contain aggressive, toxic components, do not cause allergies

✔ best to use with Oxxi base and top coats - ideal glossy look (also can be used with other brands)

✔ does not crack,resistant to adverse external influences

Oxxi gel polish collections

Let's take a closer look at the Oxxi collections

OXXI Basic collection. Contains over 350 shades of gel polishes for any taste, packed in black stylish 10 ml bottles. There are also colors with tiny shimmers in this collection.

Oxxi Disco gel polishes. It is latest collection of 7  super sparkling glitter gel varnishes ,  change effect with a different illumination.

Oxxi Rumba. Very beautiful, incredibly effective, new collection of gel varnishes "Rumba" from OXXI professional . Gel polish with incredible, cosmic overflows, can be applied to any color of gel polish or just on nails without any base layer. The colors of shiny overflows will play in a new way with a different color of base coat. Your nails with Rumba gel polish will literally brainwash the gazes of others , it is mast have 2021.

Oxxi Glory collection consists of 14 gentle pastel shades. Each color contains small magnetic micro shimmers. Manicure with Glory gel polish looks elegant and is suitable for both evening and everyday look. With the help of a magnet  interesting patterns or just a shiny stripe can be make.

Oxxi Star it is collection of 12 incredibly shine gel polishes, the composition includes flakes and glitters. Gel varnishes have a comfortable consistency, lie flat without thickening, create one shiny layer of gloss. Nails with Oxxi Star are suitable for a festive look or to emphasize 1-2 nails.

Oxxi Moonstone gel polishes has 11 shades of colors with  magnetic particles. The colors and gloss of Moonstone collection reminds cosmic stone, look rich and are suitable even for casual look. Nail design can be made without base color because gel polish has large amount of magnetic shimmers.

Where to buy Oxxi gel polishes

Any Oxxi Professional gel polish can be purchased at the Glifada shop. The range of products is constantly updated and if you do not find the desired product, write to us in Viber/WhatsApp : +3(073) 67-67-220 and we will definitely find what you need. The main advantages of ordering in glifada.top
+ worldwide delivery
+ no taxes -  always mark as a gift
+ we send all orders in one parcel