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Gel Nails

Nails extension are extremely  popular today. False nails help to mask the not very beautiful natural shape of the plate, as well as hide defects and visually lengthen the nails.  And one of the most progressive technologies of extending  nail plate is  gel extension. It is considered the most secure and allows you to achieve spectacular strong and long artificial nails. They do not require intensive filing and are not prone to flaking from the nail. Of course, a significant factor in this is a competent choice of material. That is why buying gels for nails need quite deliberately.

Advantages of gel nail extention

Gel nails have many advantages over other technologies

  • it does not penetrate the structure of the nail and does not cause allergic reactions
  • dries quickly under the influence of UV light
  • has a self-leveling feature
  • the nail plate aligns, shines and looks natural
  • gel nails looks dramatic it gives addition charm for women look without health harm 

There are two ways of making artifitial nails with gel technology - with nail tips and with help of paper forms. First method is better to use then nail plates are too short to attach paper form for gel nail extension. 

Types of nail gels

Gels are also divided by purpose of use

1) For nail extensions and modelling 

  • one, two and three step gels
  • acryl gels - mixture of gel and acrylic features

2) For decoration

  • color gels
  • 3D gels

Gels for nails extention and modelling are devided into 3 types - one step, two step and three step gel.

One step gel

It contains 3 functions in one composition - base cover, modeling and finish coating. These gels are mostly used by beginner nailartists  because they save money, there is no need to buy a lot of different materials. But the disadvantage is that the gel does not have a very thick texture and it can flow  in the modelling phase. More often one phase gels are used to strengthen the nail plate.

Two step gel

This gel has function of  modeling and finish coating. The primer needs to be used as a basis

Three step gel 

The three-phase system has three separate gels, each of which performs another function. The base gel serves to grip the gel and nail plate, alignment of the nail. The second phase is the modelling , giving a volume and a beautiful nail shape. It has a thicker structure and does not flow. These gels can be transparent or camouflage (have a natural color). The camouflage gel is used predominantly for French manicure. The third gel is a finishing gel, it creates a protective layer and gives a shiny manicure.

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