Confetti gel polish

Komilfo Confetti Gel Polish CN001, 8 ml


Komilfo Confetti Gel Polish CN004, 8 ml


Komilfo Confetti Gel Polish CN006, 8 ml


Komilfo Confetti Gel Polish CN002, 8 ml


Komilfo Confetti Gel Polish CN003, 8 ml


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Confetti Gel polish

Confetti / Flakes top coat broke into the world of the nail industry in 2021 and where they will be popular in the coming years. It also colled quail egg gel, eggshell gel, dragon fruit gel. One of first nail manufacturer which creates top coat with flakes was Saga Professional. 

What is kind of gel polish it is? 

These nail gels differ from conventional ones in that they contain small particles of confetti, flakes and matte glitters. Base color are mostly clear but also can be with multi-color combination. According to type can be base/top coat and color gel polish.

Below you can see samples with confetti top coat and gel polish

1. Clear base color with white and black confetti - Saga Geometry top №01

2. Clear with white diffeent size confetti - NailApex White Point top, Oxxi Twist top №03

3. Clear top coat with black dots - Komilfo Dragon Fruit, Saga Kroshka, NailApex Point, Oxxi Twist №001 , Kodi Art Dots . Also these tops are available with matte texture.

4. Gel polish with multi-color base and black dots or flakes. Such type can be find in Komilfo Dragon fruit (5 colors) and Kodi Animal Print

5. Multi-color gel polish with neon confetti - Komilfo Confetti collection, Luxton Confetti

Gel polish with fakes 

6. Clear top coats with gold / silver flakes - Edlen Potal , Kodi Art Flake, Saga Leaf 

7. Base coat which has mostly nude shade color with gold flakes which remindes luxury stone - Edlen Potal

8. Clear top coat with blake flakes, can be gloss or matte -  Komilfo Spotty, Oxxi Twist top №002, Saga flake top, NailApex Matte Point

9. Top coat or gel polish which has clear base color and multi-color flakes also it calls "Uka" flakes - Oxxi Rumba , Komilfo Chameleon, NailApex Multi-shine top

10. Matte top coat with gold flakes - Kodi Art Flakes №03

Where to buy quail egg / confetti gel polish ?

Glifada shop has wide range of  gel polishes especially which newly appeared in nail art world. All products are original directly from manufacturer. To order Kodi gel polish which are not presented in website please send message in our Viber, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp

Frequently Asked Questions:
Flakes and confetti have tiny structure and will not stick out
Komilfo Spotty is now hot sale top with quail egg shell effect
Yes, we can order almost any nail art products just write messege in WhatsApp, Vider or Facebook Messenger