Komilfo gel polish

Komilfo 9D Cat's Eye №01, 8 ml


Komilfo 9D Cat's Eye №03 , 8 ml


Komilfo 9D Cat's Eye №04 , 8 ml


Komilfo 9D Cat's Eye №06 , 8 ml


Komilfo 9D Cat's Eye №02 , 8 ml


Komilfo 9D Cat's Eye №05 , 8 ml


Komilfo 5d gel polish №01


Komilfo 5d gel polish №02


Komilfo 5d gel polish №03

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Gel Polish Komilfo

A beautiful manicure is not only an element of a gorgeous woman's decoration but also a way to attract men's attention. Sometimes it seems that men do not notice the manicure, which is more important details of women beauty. But in fact this is not the true men always pay attention to nails. Most men admit that they like just neat, well-groomed nails such as a french  or calm shades. If you want to make a bright first impression on a man choose the red nail polish - the color of passion. This color will make even the most beautiful modest fatal beauty! They also say that they often see strange designs, crazy bright colors - it looks weird but it's not a bad way to make acquaintance with a pretty girl

Features of Komilfo nail polish

Lets come back to nail materials. Komilfo is well know ukrainian manufacturer of nail art products. The peculiarity of gel varnishes is a large assortment of colors - more than 300 shades, clearly grouped, premium quality for affordable price. Komilfo gel polishes are packed in stylish black jars of 8 ml and 15 ml. Gel consistency is medium so it is easy to apply, has good pigmentation that allows to get a clear color in 2 layers.

Color collections

The company has created a huge color palette. Even the most capricious client will be able to choose the right color for  manicure. If the master dreams of having a stylish work cabinet with a large selection of shades of one brand then Komilfo is exactly what you need. Company created 12 colections:

Delux Color Gel Polish - main collection 272 colors

❒ Komilfo Delux "Offroad"

❒ Komilfo Delux "Deep Autumn"

❒ Komilfo Delux "Offroad"

❒ Komilfo Deluxe  Glitter Gel Polish

❒ Komilfo Deluxe Neon Gel Polish

❒ Komilfo "Inspired By Nature"

❒ Komilfo Deluxe French Gel Polish

❒ Komilfo Deluxe Dusk Collection - Fall 2018 Collection

❒ Komilfo Cat's Eye Polish

❒ Komilfo Deluxe Termo

❒ Komilfo Rior Collection

❒ Komilfo The Gem Collection

The company has all kinds of gel polishs - monochromatic, with glitter, shimmer, magnetic, thermal gel varnishes, neon, shades from light spring to muted autumn , pastel and bright.  You will surely be able to find what you want!

Komilfo design

Let's make simple manicure with Delux gel polish.

■  Make nail preparation: remove old covering, remove the cuticle, buff the surface and make the  shape of the nails. Clean the nail plate with disinfectant and degreaser. Apply  ultrabond and wait a few minutes
■  Cover nails with  Komilfo base gel coat with a thin layer of nail ,dry it in a UV lamp (2 minutes) or an LED lamp (30 seconds).
■  Apply 2 coats of Komilfo Delux №D127 (dark blue ) and Delux №072 (light gray). The polymerization time of the color gel varnish in the LED lamp is 30 seconds, 2 min in UV lamp . *** For UV and weak lamps, it is recommended to apply thin layer due to the high pigmentation of the gel polish.
■  Cover manicure with Komilfo matte top coat with a thin layer, dry it in an LED lamp for 90 seconds.
■  Apply cuticle oil and manicure is ready!

Where to buy Komilfo nail polish

Online shop Glifada recommends gel polish Komilfo -  branded quality for good price. If you cant find necessary nail polish please write message in Viber, WhatsApp or Messenger and we will find it for you. All Komilfo collections are distributed by color. In our opinion, color searching is more convenient than collection searching - you find exactly what you are looking for