Black nail art products

Black nail art products

Black Tar Empasta


3D sticker №214


E.MiLac Black Gloss №30, 9 ml


Komilfo Deluxe Series №D001, 8 /15 ml


Yo!Nails Zirka №05 ,5 ml


3D Lace Sticker 3D/4


Grattol Opal gel polish №11, 9 ml


RNK Cat eye Gel Polish №159, 15 ml


Black Holo Ultra Fine Glitters, 5g №8

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Black Nail Art

Black is neutral, it embodies classics, elegance and respectability. There are few women who do not have black clothes. Because it is almost versatile, it blends well with other colors, so it will always be possible to create a set for a variety of occasions - from a strict office dress code to a sophisticated evening dress. No wonder he always stays in fashion.

The black color on the nails is quite controversial - for someone it looks stylish and beautiful, while others perceive him wary, consider mournful and even sinful. But t means that a black manicure is not suitable for everyone and it must be able to wear and properly select a certain image.

According to history, such a color of nail polish could only be chosen by ladies from a rich society, it was considered an indicator of luxury and good taste. Over time, it was actively used by representatives of different cultures -hippies, Goths.

Black is now being used extensively by nail masters, combining it with a variety of decoration. Even the monochrome black manicure looks elegant and very stylish!

Let's look at different ideas of combining black and different decoration

Combination of black and other colors

Black is easily matched with any other color as it is the base color. Depending on the choice of the second color, your manicure can convey a different style and even mood.
Black & Red. The combination of red and black is both fascinating and intriguing. This option is appropriate in different styles, but most of all it is suitable for celebrations. If you are going out for the evening, mixure of black, red and gold elements  get you the image of a fatal woman

Black & Pink. Such an imposing combination is both strict and girlishly gentle

Black & Blue. For business style it is quite presentable combination. Blue is the "best friend" for black, and is suitable for any occasion.

Black & Beige. The combination of beige and black is a real find for an evening look, especially the gorgeous black lace looks on a beige background and black rhinestones. You can also add black elements on nude colors - swirls, geometric shapes, roses.

The combination of black & yellow . Many designers love the trendy theme - black and yellow. Take a look and try on yourself.

Black & orange. This combination hides a happy mood. This is a palette that combines carelessness and eternal youth that are "meeting" serious plans.

The combination of black & gray. This is true harmony. These colors are fairly neutral, their combination looks elegant, laconic and finished. Black also has a common language with other colors, such as brown, green, and white.

Paintings and Swirls

Black Neon Manicure

Black gel polish can be mixed with neon color gel polish. Neon gradient with black  manicure is a great option for a summer party. Black polish looks stylish and conservative. Gradient decor of two or more nails gives the manicure a bright accent. Geometric paintings can be rawn on  gradient nails. Thus, black nails looks bright and original. With this design of nails, you can safely go to disco party.

Also such bright design can be made with neon pigments.  Just paint ornament with white gel paint on black base. On undried white gel paint pour non pigments and dry it. Such design looks especially cool when  pigments is gliw in the dark – your manicure will be very noticeable in disco