White nail art products

White nail art products

E.Mi gel paint Alpine snow


Komilfo Milky White Intense Base, 8 ml/15 ml


White Rafinad Empasta


E.MiLac Milk Style №249, 9 ml


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White Nail Art

Many people associate white nail design with a wedding manicure or a classic business manicur, but in fact white is one of the most universal colors - it will not let you down in any situation and would be appropriate both at a business meeting or in a strict office and in a restaurant, romantic date.

Traditionally, white symbolizes purity, nobility, greatness and perfection, it is no wonder that it is so often used to decorate important events. White manicure is also gaining more and more popularity, because it is distinguished by conciseness and restraint, but at the same time it looks sophisticated and elegant.

The white color of the nails is perfectly combined with any color scheme in clothes, as well as with the style of the image, moreover, it has several shades, both warm and cold, so each fashionable woman will be able to experiment with white design to choose their own unique version.

White manicure may well be monochrome, that is, you can simply apply a continuous layer of white gel polish without using any design techniques. Even such a simple option will not remain without attention of others. There are a couple of points that need to pay attention. Firstly, the nail plate must be well polished, otherwise even the smallest imperfections will be noticeable, and, secondly, the lacquer must be of good quality, lay even in a dense layer.

However, someone may find a simple one-color coating boring, in this case, we offer to get acquainted with other ideas of white manicure.

Matte white manicure

While stylists argue about whether a white matte manicure has the right to exist, many  successfully perform it on their fingers.

Matte white is impressive in freshness and originality, but in fairness it should be noted that it is not suitable for everyone.

You should not do monophonic matte white manicure for short nails, especially if the plate is wide. The best option is medium length nails.

Ladies of respectable age should not resort to such a design, since it will emphasize age-related changes in the skin.

The matte surface is well emphasized with metallic decor, for example, stripes of gold or silver tape or glitter. It looks interesting manicure, in which all the nails are matte, and only the accent are covered with glossy gel polish with shimmering particles. You can do so - select accent nails in a different color.

Moon manicure, French manicure

White french - the embodiment of the classics. A thin strip along the edge of the nail and the nail plate of a solid or pale pink color evoke associations with something tender, romantic, defenseless, but incredibly elegant.

French white manicure harmoniously fits into any image and looks great regardless of the length and shape of nails. Very often it is the whit french that becomes the basis for a wedding manicure.

For those who want to make the French manicure more original and interesting, there are many available tools: drawings, stickers, acrylic modeling, rhinestones, powder. True, we should not forget about the sense of proportion, therefore usually only accent fingers are decorated.

Another option that claims to be the classic is a white moon manicure. Here it is necessary to distinguish two of its varieties - a white nail plate with a transparent or colored basal hole or a colored nail with a white hole.

Despite the simplicity, moon manicure always looks impressive, and contrasting color combinations give it a special charm, so the black-and-white versions probably will not unnoticed.

White manicure with painting

White background - like a white sheet of paper. On a white marigold, as on a clean canvas, it is possible to draw almost any image that will make your manicure unique. White manicure is perfectly combined with any other colors and themes of paintings, but in order not to lose elegance and style, do not overdo it. If you choose a multi-colored image, then decorate them only with accent fingers, but the pattern in a single color scheme can be applied to each nail.

A worthy option would be geometric patterns formed by straight and broken lines, floral and vegetable compositions, oriental motifs.

White design with rhinestones, sequins, stickers

A modest white color will not only lose its grace, but, on the contrary, will emphasize its elegance if you decorate a white manicure with droplets of rhinestones that emphasize the nobility of such a design with its radiance. Rhinestones are especially good as a decor for a wedding manicure.

If white color seems to someone too modest, then a little glamor can add sparkles. With them, marigolds will look gorgeous, without causing association with the vulgarity. You can apply polish with glitter on one or two marigolds, draw a plish with a shimmer ornament. Variations on a french and moon manicure will also be good, if the plate is covered with white, and the radical hole or smile is made shiny.

A no less popular decor option is special stickers that allow you to realize the most daring ideas of drawings, even if you do not have any artistic skills. Stickers allow you to decorate your fingers with artistic miniatures, complex compositions, thin lace fabric, and all this is done fairly quickly and effortlessly.