Grattol Opal gel polish №01, 9 ml


E.Mi gel paint Alpine snow


Set Empasta Fashion Texture


Top gel E.MiLac


White Rafinad Empasta


Camouflage Base E.MiLac №7


E.Mi set Glossemi


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Empasta Set 10 colors E.Mi

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Nail supply

Nail art is a relatively young trend in art and is now an entire industry that is actively developing. Only 30 years ago, women did not even dream of anything other than a color nail polish, which was damaged in 2-3 days , nails did not play an important role in creating  image of a woman. Now everything has changed - a beautiful manicure is “must be” and part of stylish image. Current technologies allow to wear manicure for about a month, and its application takes a minimum of time!
But nail art is not just a manicure but a whole art! Some nail artists’s works are real masterpieces of art on miniature canvases (nails) - volume molding, pictorial art, landscape.

Nail art has developed from sophisticated techniques to maximum simplicity. Remember only the acrylic and gel plating of long stylet, nails painting with acrylic paints. How many hours did you need to do these nails and how much time did you studied?
Modern nail art is speed, ease of execution and various ready-made unique designs.

The first breakthrough was gel polish technology - a combination of polish and gel that allows you not to rush in appling because it does not dry up until it is dried in a UV / LED lamp, and increase wear time,  strengthen your own nails. With the advent of this technology a short manicure again became in fashion. Now there are a huge quantity of manufacturers and an endless palettes of color gel polishes. In Glifada store you can buy gel polish  of such manufacturers - E.Mi, Kodi, Kamilfo, Oxxi, Lovely.
Of course, there are many fans of long nails, and now it's also quicker and easier to build nails with the new technology of Acrylic gel

Another breakthrough in nail art accessories  is the diverse designs that replaces complex paintings and volume acrylic molding, such as 3d stickers, water decals, princots, foils, naildress, nailcrust, gel paste, 4d gel etc.  Now you do not need to sit for hours and paint pictures - cut the sticker and stick on the nail. Of course, stickers do not replace the artistic value and the beauty of hand painted pictures on the nail, but it is salvation for the nail artists during peak periods of work. Amazing design for a short amount of time! 
Glifada store has nail art materials for every taste, you can find them in the category Decoration, E.Mi Decoration.