Acrylic gel

Oxxi Acryl Gel №05 , 30 ml


Kodi Acrylgel Set


Komilfo AcrylGel №005 Cool Pink , 30 ml


Oxxi Acryl Gel №01 Clear, 30 ml


Oxxi Acryl Gel №02 White, 30 ml


Oxxi Acryl Gel №03 , 30 ml


Oxxi Acryl Gel №04 , 30 ml


Oxxi Acryl Gel №06 , 30 ml


Komilfo Acryl Gel №006 Natural , 30 ml

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Acrylic gel or Polygel became as answer to the wishes of the nail masters about combining in one product all the advantages  classic systems for modeling, building, strengthening and designing of artificial nails.

Polygel combines the best qualities of acrylic and gel system. It has features of acryl -  density, does not flow and needs to be leveled. And it  like a gel - needs polymerization in a UV lamp, otherwise the created nails will not dry.

It is absolutely safe for health.  Acrylic gels have hypoallergenic properties the absence of any odor, which is especially appreciated by sensitive clients or future mothers.

This new material have seriously pressed its predecessors classic gels and acrylic powders and became one of the most popular product  in the nail art industry.
Practicing nail artists and beginners have already appreciated all the advantages of the new product

How to use Akrigel?

1) Prepare the nail  the same  as for polish cover - degrease nail plate and cover  with one layer of primer;
2) Squeeze a small amount of Polygel (Acrylic gel) and apply material on the nail or on nail extension forms;
3) Dip the brush in a special Liquid for Polygel, which  helps the brush not stick to the material when it is applied.
Form the shape of the nail by lightly pressing the polygel to the nail plate or to the form. Do not press too hard and be carefull with area ear cuticle.
4) When the nail is formed,  dry it for 30 seconds in an LED lamp or 2 minutes in UV lamp;
5) Form a perfect smooth nail plate with  file of 180 grit ;
6) Nails are ready fr color coating and design!

Advantages of Acrylic gel (Polygel)

Comfortalble wearing 
-  design with polygel is pleasant and comfortable to wear, it is  is almost not felt on the nail plate, despite the density and density of the material
- Polygels relieve pressure on a natural nail to an optimal level, can be made even on thin and brittle nails, with increased sensitivity to weight in the stress zone

Polygel dust does not spread in air
- Polygel dust is 30% heavier than dust from  gels and acrylic and it immediately settles on the table
- No need to wear protective mask and glass
- It significantly reduces the risk of developing of asthma and allergies.

Does not burn while drying
Acrylgel does not cause a strong burning sensation during polymerization in a lamp because it has very little sticky layer

Economical in use
- No need of buying additional brushes
- Working with gel acrylic, you can not worry about the overexpenditure of materials and liquids

Comfortalble in use
- No hurry of nails modelling - Acrylic gel dries only in UV/LED lamp

Doesnt flow on skin
- Do not spread and  self-level whats why polygel do not stain the cuticle and side rollers while forming on the fingernail
- Even begginers will be able to work at their own pace and without rushing

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