E.Mi Gel Paint

E.Mi gel paint Alpine snow


E.Mi set City Women


E.Mi set Glossemi


E.Mi set Pastel Rings


E.Mi set City Women


E.Mi set Cozy Evening


E.Mi set Neon


E.Mi set Romantic Island


E.Mi set Sport Chic

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EMi Gel Paints

Gel Paint for nails is a mixture of gel and paint in different colors and shades which is designed to perform stylish nail design dries in UV or Led-lamp.

However, do not confuse gel paint with gel nail. This paint is used directly to create decorative patterns and paintings on the gel polish and extended nails but not to create artificial nails. Also gel paints are not used on natural nails, it should be pained over base cover.

E.Mi company has made a breakthrough in the nail art industry. Back in 2008, the creator of the E.Mi brand, Ekaterina Miroshnichenko, created a unique technology «gold casting» and produced the first gel paints in a set and individually package.

What is the uniqueness of EMi gel paints?

❀ gel paints can be mixed with each other to obtain additional colors 

❀ dense and saturated colors, drawing in 1-1.5 layers

❀ E.Mi paint is very economical to use

❀ gel paint does not flow, it makes it possible to draw even the smallest and complex patterns

❀ stylish and compact packaging design of each gel paint, they attract the attention of customers

❀ fast drying, which reduces the design execution time by half

❀ Emi gel paints are produced in Germany using special technologies.

With the help of E.Mi paints, you can create an unlimited number of creative nail designs, for example, Emi copyright technologies - ethnic prints, gold casting, imitation of reptile skin, velvet sand and liquid stones, Chinese painting, Zhostovo painting, crackled effect and others.

How to use E.Mi gel paints?

Gel paint can be used both on the modeled nail and on the nails covered with gel polish.

1. Pre-prepare the nails, clean, buff.

For coupling the applied material with the surface of the natural nail Emi primer is used.

2. Apply EMi base coat, dry it.

3. Apply E.MiLac color gel polish or use Emi gel-paint (color and design should be thought out in advance).

After drying, the next layer of gel polish is applied if a more saturated color is required.

4. Perform a design with  using gel-paints (patterns can be very diverse - with pigments ,sparkles or rhinestones - the choice of your customer);

5. After completing the paint design, the nail plates are dried in the lamp and covered with a Emi top coat.

E.Mi has created many collections of gel paints for every taste and the most sophisticated fantasy of the nail artist. 
Among which :

Gel Paint Set Glam Lady
Gel Paint Set Pastel  Rings
Gel Paint Set City Woman
Gel Paint Set Glossemi
Gel Paint Set Romantic Island
Gel Paint Set Neon
Gel Paint Set Cozy Evening
Gel Paint Set Royal Tone
Gel Paint Set Sport Chic
Gel Paint Set The Power of Red
Gel Paint Set Sport Chic
Gel Paint Set Tropical Garden
Gel Paint Set Blooming Life
Gel Paint Set Tota Gray
Gel Paint Set Grand Resort
Gel Paint Set Stone Marble
Gel Paint Set  Celebrity 

Painting gels have juicy, bright, stylish colors that blend perfectly with the colors of the Empasta and E.MiLac collections to create a dramatic Emi manicure.

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It is a pleasure to work with gel paints from E.Mi!