Lovely products

Lovely products

Lovely 5d gel polish №01


Lovely 5d gel polish №02


Lovely 5d gel polish №03


Lovely 5d gel polish №04


Lovely 5d gel polish №05


Lovely 5d gel polish №06


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Lovely Base Coat Soft milk , 12 ml

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Lovely Nail Art

Lovely Nails - the art of be professional!

Experienced masters will say that art begins where work does not take away but gives energy.  High standards are achieved by experience, qualifications, respect for oneself and the client  but one more thing is needed - impeccable materials and tools.

Lovely Nails - an exclusive brand in the line of professional materials for pedicure and nail design. The company's mission is to provide the nail art  industry with high-quality and safe materials.

Company quality means high safety standards :

- multi-stage product verification - up to 10 quality testing cycles
- verification of technologists with great experience
- quality control system
- control of allergic reactions
- Lovely product safety is achieved by a high degree of cleaning ingredients
modern testing instruments
- materials not tested on animals

Lovely products range

The company has a large line of assortment of goods - everything you need to create amazing manicure

Lovely Base Coat - medium and hard consistancy, comouflaging and extension base, glitter and foil base cover

❤ Lovely Top Coat  - matte , shimmer, no wipe cover

Lovely Gel Polish
- Classic collection (over 130 colors)
- Cat eye  - magnetic gel polish with 3D flare
- North Light collection - deep 5D shine
- Star Light - chameleon gel polish chage color depending on base gel
- Shine Gel - dense gel polish with large amount of metallic flakes
- Brilliance collection - pearl shade gel polish
- Milk Shake gels - 8 milk shades
- Glassy collection - gel polish for creating crystal manicure of for more deep color

Lovely Gel Paints - consists of 25 colors of painting gel and 7 color of spider nail gel

Lovely Gel Pasta - gel for volume ornaments (16 colors)

4D Gels - faithful assistant in making 4D nail of any complexity (22 amzing shades)

Lovely Polygel - universal mixture of gel and acryl

Professional nail liquids - remover, cleanser, safe spray, dehydator, primer, fix gel, cuticul oil, cuticul softener, cuticul marker,cuticul remover

Nail Drills

Nai Brushes

Lovely Decoration

Lifehacks from Lovely company: How to choose Primer?

Primer is a special fluid that improves the adhesion of a natural nail plate to the material, also called "double-sided tape".

Primers are devided into acidic and acid-free

Acid primer is more aggressive than acid free. It provides strong adhesion of the material to the nail plate due to the fact that it makes the plate crochet revealing flakes. This type of primer is recommended for owners of a fat nail plate and also for acrylic extensions.

Acid-free primer is for weak, sensitive, prone to delamination nails and absolutely safe. This type is used for gel extension and gel polish.
- Lovely primer guarantees a reliable grip with nails and extends the wear period
- absolutely safe and does not injure or irritate the skin
- dark color of bottle prolong using time and protect from sun light
- fast drying and doesnt effect on color of base gel.

Where to buy Lovely gel

Any Lovely Nails product can be purchased  in online store Glifada. The advantage of buying in Glifada shop is fast and unexpensive worldwide shipment with tracking number . After confirming the order we will complete your order in the shortest possible time.

To order Lovely gels which are not presented in website please send message in our Viber, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. We will do our best to get all you need!