Kodi Gel polish

Kodi 5d gel polish №01


Kodi 5d gel polish №02


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Kodi Gel Polish Coffee Paradise №01CP, 8 ml


Kodi Gel Polish Coffee Paradise №02CP, 8 ml


Kodi Gel Polish Coffee Paradise №03CP, 8 ml


Kodi Gel Polish Coffee Paradise №04CP, 8 ml

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Kodi Gel Polish

Kodi Professional is a Ukrainian manufacturer of nail art and makeup products. This brand became known not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Masters from around the world enjoy Kodi gel polishes with pleasure. For many years the company has maintained the quality of its products in excellent condition.

The product range is constantly updated, company provides a great line of products for manicure salons
- basic and finishing coatings
- color gel parnishes
- gel and acryl system
- acrylic gel system
- consumables
- manicure tools
- materials for design
- additional branded accessories

The manicure master may not worry for quality because every product interacts well with each other. The result is a great design with long-lasting manicure.

Features of Kodi gel varnishes

Every nail artist has her own vision what gel varnish should be - someone likes more liquid someone more dense.  Kodi gel polishes have middle consistancy which gives opportunity to make manicute as close to the cuticle as possible and will not flow. Colors of nail polish are very pigmented and thin 2 layers are enough to make manicure. Despite the high pigmentation Kodi nail polishes are well polymerized and do not leave the colors on the brush of the top coat. It is no need to clean brush before each coating. Together with the Kodi rubber base and rubber top coat Kodi gel lacquers are worn for a long time, do not dim and resistant to mechanical damage.

Drying time: UV lamp - 2 minutes, LED lamp - 30 seconds
Hybrid lamp at 48W - 30 seconds is enough

Color gel polishes

Kodi Professional has a wonderful color palette that counts over 250 shades! The design of the jar is made very stylish - black velvety texture with silver coating, looks expensive and will decorate the desktop of any nail salon. The volume of gel varnishes is 8 ml or 12 ml. Convenient and high-quality brush of gel polish allows you to cover nails very close to the cuticle. Each bottle has a sticker with the date of manufacture,  they do not lose their properties for a long period, pigment does not settle and does not become thicker (in condition of proper storage)

The main collection is grouped by shades which allows you to quickly find the color that the wizard needs.

There are such Kodi gel polishes :

  •  Basic Collection (15 palettes of shades )
  •  Sparkle
  •  Autumn-Winter collection
  •  Limited edition Spring- Summer
  •  Autumn Jazz
  •  Felt
  •  Moon Light
  •  5D Moon Light
  •  Space Light
  •  Thermo gel polishes
  •  Transparent gel polish "Crystal"
  •  Confetti
  •  Hollywood gel polish

Where to buy Kodi nail polish?

On Glifada site you will always be able to order kodi gel polishes with delivery to any corner of the world! In our online store it is convenient to find what you need, you can find your favorite shade using the color filter. If you cant find Kodi gel in our shop please white message in Viber, WhatsApp or Facebook  and we do out best to get any products you need!