Komilfo Base │Top coat

Komilfo Milky White Intense Base, 8 ml/15 ml


Komilfo Base by Nika Zemlyanikina , 30 ml


Komilfo Camouflage Base Baby Lips №02 , 8 ml/30 ml


Komilfo Camouflage Base Blondie Pink №03


Komilfo Dragon Fruit Top Coat , 8 ml


Komilfo Matte Top Coat , 8ml /15 ml


Komilfo Acid Free Base Coat , 15 ml


Komilfo Camouflage Base Tan Angel №04


Komilfo Dragon Fruit Matte Top Coat , 8 ml

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Komilfo Base Coat │Top Coat

To find the best Base cover lets define the main features of Komilfo Base coats

Komilfo Acid Free Base

- has Acid Free formula;
- does not burn in the lamp;
- elastic and simple texture is very convenient in drawing;
- thin application on the nail plate, does not create a thick layer of base which is very important for pedicures;
- is a protective coating for damaged nails (can be applied in the case of sawn nails).

Komilfo Rubber Base

- has a medium density
- perfectly self-aligning;
- suitable for weak and soft nail plate;
- prevents peeling and chipping.

Milky White / Milky Violet

- gentle and attractive colors;
- elastic and very easy to use;
- the texture of the base allows not only to align the nail plate but also to strengthen the nails.

Komilfo Cover Base

- with this base is more convenient to align the nail plate  because it is better to see the irregularities and shape;
- you can lengthen the nail plate while the cuticle will be a very smooth transition as in nail extensions;
- it  will be enough 2 layers of gel polish painted on cover base.

KC Glitter Rubber French Base

- the base has a thick consistency ;
- covers the free edge;
- adjusts to the color of the nails;
- contains shimmers of gold and silver colors.

Komilfo Gel Base

- the improved formula of the basis provides wearing of any gel polish up to 21 days prevents peeling and chipping;
- gel base can be used as a biogel it allows you to add broken corners of the nail or nail up to 1 mm;
- allows you to align the nail plate and make the perfect shape of the nail before coating with color gel polish.

Komilfo X-Base

- this base is a reliable assistant to beginners. It can be easily and quickly distributed on the nail plate and at the same time get a great result.
- it can cover any 3d decor.