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Nail Decoration

Women have always loved diamonds and various beauties. Nowadays even nails can be decorated. And it is not necessary to be a manicurist to create a brilliant manicure that attracts the attention of men. Every woman wants to look interesting and feel special. Over the past 10 years, the beauty industry has provided the world with a wealth of decoration materials for any taste! In such a sea of ​​manicure decors  it is even difficult to choose which design to offer to the client.

Types of Manicure decoration

  • Dried flowers - natural material which is mostly used to decorate extended nails
  • Broken glass - it is cut aurora foils which imitate glass
  • Beads - tiny balls for creating frames for rhinestones or other volume ornaments
  • Velvet sand - it is semi transparent sand which is used for winter decors, it look like velvet
  • Glitter - sparkle particles make very shine and festive nail design, can be holographic, metallic and transparent
  • Studs - different shape of metallic forms imitate rivets
  • Pigments/Powder - very popular nail decoration which is rubbed into gel polish, can be neon, mirror, unicorn effect, chameleon, mirror
  • Rhinestones - glass or swarovski crystals of different shape and size are indispensable for luxury manicure
  • Nail stickers - easy way to make design without painting , can be metallic, 3D decals  
  • Stemping - can create beautiful paintings even without ability to draw
  • Sequins - mix color and size plastic forms 
  • Foils - with this materials can be created such design as gold casting, crackled nails, foil nails
  • Nailcrust - it is basic sticker which helps to create 3D nails, such technique created by E.Mi
  • Confetti - big size glitters of different shapes

Tips for choosing nail accessories

Almost every nail artist  faces the problem of excess materials for nail design. Dozens of jars are lying and dusting on the desktop. Many of them have never even been used to create a design.
And every year there are more and more types of decors which want to buy. Especially  want to buy something at exhibitions or offline stores with a huge range of products.

To avoid buying unnecessary nail decors follow these simple steps:

1)  First of all, you need to revise all the nail decorations  you have. Lay out all the decors and sort them by 3 groups.
- The first group is materials which actively used, the second - which is less or once, the third - which have never been used for a year or more.
- The third group should get rid of - give, give or sell. The second group needs to be revisited and also divided into those  that your customers will probably choose and other that you will put in the box  (they will not be visible but you will know that you have them). This way you will have order and it will be easier to choose the design

2) Before you go shopping, write a list of manicure products you want to buy.
- Browse on internet for new trends in nail art indusnry.
- Remember the colors your customers love the most.

3) Before you buy any extraordinary design, you may want to ask your customers opinion on your page of Facebook or Instagram.
You can also take a picture of the nail décor and later take a look at the online store perhaps this product you can find with more attractive price

4) Remember that exhibitions and shops with a wide range are at risk of making emotional purchases, most of which are then unnecessary

5) Do not be oriented on sale products. Sometimes you can find worth things to buy but mostly it is out of trand decorations.

Where to buy nail decoration?

You can usually buy nail art items at a store near you or at an exhibition, this is a great way to supplement your collection. But when you choose offline you can buy a lot of extra materials that will not be used.
Buy materials which you really need and do not spend extra money!
The online store Glifada offers a large variety of beauty products for manicure.
All the materials you can buy with delivery to any corner of the world!
The shop Glifada works with the best manufacturers so here you can find unique decors for your exclusive nail design.