Mollon Pro sticker top

Mollon Pro sticker top

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Top coat for Stickers

Brand: Mollon Pro

Volume: 8 ml/12 ml

Mollon Pro top special created top to good fixing and long wearing of 3D stickers, water decals

- has sticky layer
- comfortable consistancy - not very thick, not viscous, but at the same time not liquid to the degree of fluidity
- prolong wearing of stickers for 3-4 weeks
- it is easily distributed on the nail plate, it aligns well, does not drain to the edges and does not leak at the cuticle and on the sides
- improves color intensity and durability of design, protecting it from  scratches and loss of gloss.
- nail safe formula does not contain toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate
- no pungent odor
- for UV and LED lamps
- easy removed

How to make long lasting manicure with Nail Stickers ?

1) Prepare nails , cover with  Ultrabound and Base Coat

2) Apply 1-2 layer of  color gel polish and dry it

3) Apply E.Mi Slider top and dry for 30 sec.

4) Take nail decal and cut element of design with scissors.

Lowered in the water element of design on 10-20 seconds. Or place the cut slider element on a wet cotton disc with a white substrate down on 10-20 seconds

Put  element of design on the napkin and remove all water (using tweezers). Dry in lamp for 1 min

5) Very carefully apply 1-2 layer of Mollon Pro sticker top to all nail plate not forgetting about free adges. Dry in UV/LED lamp

Sticker fixing

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