Gold Empasta 5 ml

Gold Empasta 5 ml

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Empasta Gold by E.Mi

Original product of E.Mi

*** Pre-order product. It can take 2-7 days to collect order


- Fix in UV lamp in 2-3 sec
- The stroke remains clear for a long time - any high is possible
- Economical use of material
- Without sticky layer - no need to cover with top

How to make Decopage nails with Empasta ?

1) Prepare nails as usual ,use primer, E.Mi base coat

2) Put 1-2 layers of E.MiLac  or gel paint. Dry 1 min in LED and 2 min in UV lamp. 

3) Use E.Mi NailDress Roses sticker 

- Cover nails with E.MiLac Slider gel and dry 15 sec in LED /CCFL or 1 min in UV lamp
- Cut shape of NailDress sticker, put in water and fix it
- Remnants of foils remove with E.MiLac Ultrabound 
- Cover nails with 1 layer of  E.MiLac Slider gel and 1 layer of E.MiLac top gel and dry it.
- Clean nails from sticky layer

5) Paint ornaments  with 1-2 layer Empasta Baroque Gold dry it. 

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