Set for "Crackle"  Effect

Set for "Crackle" Effect

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Foil Manicure Set

Set cosists of:

- black gel paint  5 ml 
- Foils: 18 pcs color matte  each 1 m

  • "Cracked" nails effect
  • ideal for painting, thin lines, doesn't flow
Made in Germany

How to use?
1. Draw a french line on nails or entire nails by black gel paint (on artificial nails or on nails made with polish gel)
- don't paint gel paint on natural nails it will not hold
- before painting surface should be without sticky layer
2. Dry under UV lamp for 1-2 minutes (drying time depend on UV lamp power)
3. Imprint foil  on black paint by brief movement, dry for 1 min in UV lamp
4. Cover nails with top coat.

Video lesson: 

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