Kodi Black Rubber Base , 8 ml

Kodi Black Rubber Base , 8 ml

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Black Base Coat

Volume: 8ml

Brand: Kodi Professional

Black Rubber Base Gel - a professional  base gel with rubber fibers , providing  wear resistance of the coating and  saturated with black pigments.

The black base allows you to optimally camouflage the nail plate for the qualitative manifestation of various effects of gel polishes, where a dark substrate is needed.


- Rubber Base gel Black has excellent adhesive properties

- Self-leveling texture, it perfectly corrects the roughness of the nail plate, preparing it for applying gel polish

- Moderately viscous consistency provides easy application without spreading

- The base can be used as an independent coating and as a dark substrate for gel polish with a translucent or radiant texture to achieve a brighter and more saturated effect

- Prevents cracks, chips, peeling, as a result of which the coating is worn for a long time in an impeccable condition

- Has a sticky layer.

Recommendations for application:  apply a thin layer. 

Curing time: 

36W UV lamp - 2 minutes; 

LED - 30 seconds.

Easily removed using special tools Tips Off. 

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