OXXI Cover Base №07, 10 ml

OXXI Cover Base №07, 10 ml

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Oxxi French Base

Brand: Oxxi Professional

Volume: 10 ml

Color: Beige

Oxxi FRENCH №07 (Beige for French) will create a gentle and neat coating on the hand and feet.


- Thick, natural shade of the nail plate

- delicate, suitable for leveling the nail plate

- does not require the application of the base it saving the time of application.

Apply according to the technique of leveling the nail plate and strengthen the nails (drip method), as well as according to the classical technology with a thin layer.

This base coat is recommended for the drip method, since it will be transparent and will not give a camouflage effect with a thin layer.

The base can be filed as a gel, in order to give the desired shape.

Curing time:
36W UV lamp - 2 minutes;
LED - 30 seconds.


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