Komilfo Camouflage Base Baby Lips №02 , 8 ml/30 ml

Komilfo Camouflage Base Baby Lips №02 , 8 ml/30 ml

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Camouflage Base Coat

Brand: Komilfo

Color name: Baby Lips 002

Volume: 8ml/30ml
Note: 30 ml bottle is without brush, 8 ml volume is in black bottle with brush

Komilfo French Rubber Base is a unique French coat with rubber components for gel polish that provides super strong grip and allows you to align the nail plate.

Perfect choice for french manicure!

Base Komilfo can be applied using the classical technology, and drip method (according to the technique of strengthening the nails and leveling the nail plate).


1) The ideal base for  French manicure due to soft, flesh-colored shades

- it evenly lays down and looks natural on the nails.
- this is an indispensable base for the French manicure, you can make the lengthening of the nail plate, and it will be very smooth transition in cuticle like  with nail extensions.

2) resistant - an improved formula of the base ensures the durability of any gel-varnish up to 21 days, prevents peeling and chips. By durability camouflage base is not inferior to the transparent base.

3) medium density - the base is rubber-based, has an average density

4) leveling - base-corrector, the base allows to align the nail plate, to make the ideal shape of the nail before gel polish covering.  Also it can be fail down before gel-polish.

5) strengthening - the texture of the base allows not only to align the nail plate, but also to strengthen the nails, replaces the biogel. Before applying a color gel polish, you can remove the adhesive layer for better adhesion of the gel-polish with the nail plate.


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