Holographic Set

Holographic Set

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Set of Holo powder glitters flakes

Holographic Nail set consists of:

- Holographic Flakes 0,5g in pot

- Holographic Glitters 2g in pot - Hex cut 0.008″ (0.2mm)

- Holographic Powder 1g in pot

Recomendations for using Powders and Flakes:

- Use  non-wipe base gel polish, gel polish or top gel
- Best to use silicon brush to rub pigment in

Recomendations for Glitters:
- Use gel polish with sticky layer
- Pour glitters on gel polish  and rub glittters by your finger, glitters should lay in smooth layer

How to make Galaxy Manicure?

1) Make basic preparation for  manicure, file free edge with 180/240 grid file
2) Buff nail plate with sanding block. Buffing movement should be in the same direction.
3) Remove grease with cleanser.
4) Apply dehydrating liquid  and Ultrabound
5) Aply E.Mi Ultabound and wait 2 min. Aply base coat and dry.
6) Cover nails with color couting with gel polish and dry in  UV/Led lamp.
7) Apply non wipe top coat and dry it. Rub holo flakes in nails. Remove access of flakes
8) Cover nails with 2 layer of top coat.

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