Komilfo Gel Base Coat , 5 ml

Komilfo Gel Base Coat , 5 ml

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Gel Base Coat by Komilfo

Komilfo Gel Base Coat

Brand "Kamilfo" 

Volume: 5 ml

*** without brush

Base Komilfo Rubber Base Coat is a unique base corrector  for gel polish has super strong adhesion and allows to align the nail plate.

Komilfo base can be applied both by classical technology (thin layer) and by drip method (by the technique of strengthening the nails and leveling the nail plate).

Features :

  • thick density - gel base can be used as a biogel it makes possible to increase the broken angle of the nail up to 1 mm
  • leveling - the base allows to align the nail plate, to make the ideal shape of the nail before coating with a color gel polish.
  • reinforcing - the texture of the base allows not only to align the nail plate, but also to strengthen the nails.
    Before applying a color gel polish, you can remove the adhesive layer for better adhesion of the gel-polish with the nail plate.
  • resistant - an improved formula based on rubber ensures the durability of any gel-polish up to 21 days, prevents peeling and chipping.

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