Kodi Easy Duo Sparkle Mood №05 , 15ml/30ml

Kodi Easy Duo Sparkle Mood №05 , 15ml/30ml

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Kodi Polygel Sparkle Mood

Kodi Easy Duo gel "Sparkle Mood" №05

Volume: 15 ml/30 ml

Color: Nude with glitters

Brand: Kodi Professional

New collection of Kodi Easy Duo gel - "Sparkle Mood" - 5 natural shades with tiny glitters made special shimmering effect on nails

 Acryl and Gel in 1 tube - Kodi Easy Duo Gel -  for quick comfortable modeling in beauty salons and also at home.

Features of Kodi Easy Duo Sparkle Mood Gel:
- dense viscous consistency
- natural shades with sparkle effect
- hypoallergenic, safety for natural nails and  health
- excellent adhesive properties
- easy to level and file
- wearing for 3 weeks or longer
- resistance to mechanical damage
- no burning during polymerization
- convenient removal by filing or soaking


1) Prepare the nails  in the usual way.
2) Buff the free edge, remove the glossy layer with a 180 grit file.
3) Build form of  an artificial nail with a brush moistened in a Kodi polygel liquid.
4) Cure  2 minutes in a UV lamp or 90 seconds in an LED lamp.
5) Remove the sticky layer, remove the forms.
6) Create final smooth forms of nails with file. Fix the result with the top coat


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