Kodi Miracle No Filters top , 8ml/12ml

Kodi Miracle No Filters top , 8ml/12ml

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No Filters Top

Volume: 8ml/ 12ml

Brand: Kodi Professional

MIRACLE Rubber Top top coat provides accurate color reproduction of gel polish.

Ideal for gel polish in dark colors - in addition to reliable coating protection, it enriches the true color with depth and expressiveness.

Medium viscosity consistency for easy application and distribution.

Top has a sticky layer.


  • does not contain UV filters,
  • so it does not change or distort the color of gel polish;
  • keeps ultra-gloss up to 3 weeks; gives the coating elasticity;
  • prevents cracking and chips; protects against mechanical damage.

Warning! MIRACLE Rubber Top topcoat is not recommended for use with gel polishes containing neon pigment (gel polishes that glow during the polymerization process in the lamp).
Otherwise, the manifestation of inhomogeneous spots with a blue effect is possible, which completely disappear within 1-4 hours (depending on temperature and light source).

Polymerization time:
30sec in LED lamps with a power of 16W or higher;
90sec in 36W UV lamps;
30 seconds in UV / LED (hybrid) lamps with a power of 36 watts.

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