Aquamarine Kodi Gel Polish,  8 ml

Aquamarine Kodi Gel Polish, 8 ml

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Aquamarine Gel Polish

Color Gel Polish - Aquamarine colors

Brand: "Kodi Professional"  

Volume: 8ml
*** If you need  12ml volume, please select option 12ml


  • Dense coating color in only two layers of application  ;
  • Consistency of gel-polishes makes them comfortable in the process of work - they do not spread and do not strip; 
  • The brush of the top is clean even after the ultra-pigmented shades
  • Easily removed using special liquid "Tips Off" and other.

Recommendations for application:  apply a thin 2 layers. 

Curing time: 

36W UV lamp - 2 minutes; 

LED - 30 seconds.

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