Yo!Nails "Xottabych" , 5 ml

Yo!Nails "Xottabych" , 5 ml

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Top for crystals

Non-sticky top coat "Xottabych"  for rhinestones and stickers fixing

Brand: "Yo!Nails"

Volume: 5 ml

"Xottabych" is not an ordinary top cover. Its application will allow to consolidate voluminous, complex designs and even full incrustation of the nail.

It is thick in consistency and is characterized by excellent adhesive qualities. Does not leave a sticky layer.

Without a brush.


  1. Prepare the nail and apply gel-polish in the standard way (including the base coat), dry it in a lamp.
  2. Inlay is best done by laying out the decor with fragments on the layer of the YO! Nails top "Xottabych", in order to avoid wilting.
  3. Dry in a UV lamp for 4 minutes, in LED (LED + CCFL) - 60-90 seconds.

Non-sticky │No-wipe
Rhinestones fixing

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