Silver Mirror Metallic Pigment , 3g

Silver Mirror Metallic Pigment , 3g

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Silver Nail Pigment 

Package - bottle (it is not filled to the top, it is like in foto)

Volume:  3g
(this volume is enough for long time) 

- Use on non- sticky layer (non-wipe)  top gel or gel polish

- Pigment  has different effect depending on base color 

How to use? 

1. Apply black color gel polish, dry it in lamp and buffer by file to achive perfectly smooth surface!

2. Apply a layer of non-sticky top gel polish, or other gel top coat (non-wipe) and dry in lamp 

3. Use a sponge tipped eyeshadow applicator, or a silicone brush (recommended) to buff a thin layer of pigment onto nail surface.
You need a little amount of powder to get mirror effect

4. Seal with gel top coat 1-2 times

Recommended to be used over gel topcoat and sealed with gel top coat. Best used with No Wipe Gel Top Coat


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