Komilfo Acryl Gel №005 Crepe Pink , 30 ml/ 60 ml

Komilfo Acryl Gel №005 Crepe Pink , 30 ml/ 60 ml

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Kamilfo Crepe Pink Acrylgel

Volume: 30 ml/ 60 ml
Color: №005 Crepe Pink

Advantages of Komilfo Acryl Gel:

1) 90% gel, no fluids and impurities that can cause allergies, very little sticky layer

2) 100% control over the material during the entire moleding (it does not become numb, does not run away, does not freeze)

3) does not have an unpleasant odor, unlike the acrylic and gel system

4) a very strong material, allows you to do as a reinforcement on short nails and do lengthening even complex shapes

5) can be removed both by cutting and soaking, it is very easy to cut

6) can be polymerized in LED lamp as well as in a UV lamp

7) does not spread, makes it possible to design the shape and arch from the first layer

8) does not extends for the brush, unlike the gel, easily laid out and modeled

9) does not dry without a lamp in contrast to acrylic, does not limit the simulation time

10) makes it possible to correct errors at any stage, you can add material and remove excess material both before and after polymerization

11) has an ideal consistency, like an acrylic ball which is already ready for modeling

12) it is convenient to work as masters accustomed to acrylic technology and gel technology

13) minimum filing, you do not need to drill much, since the almost perfect shape can be modeled before polymerization

14) it is very easy to file, it is easier than acrylic or gel, there is not enough dust on clothes, you can do file with 150 and even 180 grit.

15) significantly reduces modeling time, it is possible to modeling simultaneously on 5 fingers

16) modeling the smile of french without file

17) you can prosthetize the nail plate

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