RNK Cat eye Gel Polish №26, 15 ml

RNK Cat eye Gel Polish №26, 15 ml

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Purple Magnetic gel polish

Brand "RNK"
Volume : 15ml


  • Easy apply and soak off
  • High gloss and long lasting more than 4 weeks
  • Dense colors, very good quality
  • Safe for the body and environment 
  • Very pigmented

How to use?

Best to use with high quality base and top coat such as:CND,Kodi,OPI,Gelish Harmony,PNB

Step 1: File the nail slightly with nail file,use primer.

Step 2: Apply the basic gel, curing with uv lamp for 2 minutes, then wipe the surface floating gel with cleanser.

Step 3: Brush one thin layer cat eyes gel polish, curing with uv lamp for 1 minute.

Step 4: Brush the cat eyes gel polish again, put the magnet above the nail of a little distance about 5-  10 seconds, curing with uv lamp for 3 minutes.

Step 5: Brush top coat, curing with UV lamp for 2-3minutes

Cat eye

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