Gel Paints

Lime Gel Paint 5 ml


Orange pearl Gel Paint 5 ml


Coral Gel Paint 5 ml


Pink Gel Paint 5 ml


Fucsia Gel Paint 5 ml


20 pcs Set of Gel Paints


Red Gel Paint 5 ml


Black Gel Paint and 3m Silver Gold Foils for Casting


9 foils and Black Gel Paint Set for Color Casting

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Gel Paint for Nail Art

Beautiful and well-groomed hands with a neatly executed manicure is an integral adornment of a woman. Someone just prefers a manicure without any coatings, someone on the contrary loves bright complex designs
and even the tendency with a large amount of sparkles or rhinestones. But there are those who prefer minimalism on the nails - a modest design on one or two fingers.
Now there are a lot of all kinds of materials for nail design, in the selection of which sometimes you can just get confused. But still in demand and enjoy
very popular marterials with low cost and simplicity and speed in the implementation of designs on the nails.
One of these materials is

Gel paint is special type of gel - mixure of gel and acrylic paints. It doesnt flow like gels and doesnt quickly dry like  acrylic paints (dry only in UV lamp)