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Nail Art Gel Paint

Beautiful and well-groomed hands with a neatly executed manicure is an integral adornment of a woman.
Someone just prefers a manicure without any coatings  other loves bright complex designs and even the tendency with a large amount of sparkles or rhinestones.
But there are those who prefer minimalism on the nails - a modest design on one or two fingers.
Now there are a lot of all kinds of materials for nail design  and sometimes you can just get confused while choosing among them.
But still in demand and  very popular marterials with can emphasize , make accent of the beauty of sparkle nail art materials.
One of these materials is Gel Paints.

What is a gel paint?

Gel paint is special type of gel - mixure of gel and acrylic paints. It doesnt flow like gels and doesnt quickly dry like  acrylic paints (dry only in UV/LED lamp). This hybrid of acrylic paint and gel has greatly simplified the work for nail masters . With the help of gel paints nails became a real work of art and the manicurists became partly artists.

Gel paint advantages

- Doesnt dry in air whats why it is easy to make comlex designs with no hurry
- Has dense color and convinient consistancy
- Doesnt flow in sides and very thin lines can be painted
- Gel paint is not only for drawings but also for full coverage and drawings of french manicure
- With help of painting gel you can make Chinese painting, Zhostovo painting, Crackled effect, Gold casting

Nail designes with gel paints

Final drowing of designes with sparkles decoration as glitters, rhinestones . Lines, swirls can make accent of main elements of decor.  
To make tiny lines and ornament use high quality gel paint and thin brush for example E.Mi linear 5/0

Gel paints are ideal materials for Chanese painting on nails  or One Stroke design. This type of nail design can be made with acrylic paints but they dry very quickly and wearing type is not so long as with pinting gels.

The appearance of gel paints gave impetus to the creation of such new design techniques as Gold casting (inprinting of metallic foil on the nail), Crackeled nails effect (imprint of matte foil), Chekanka (embossing, volume ornament on metallic gel paint, look like ornaments on metal).

It is not all designes which can be made with gel paints, there are plenty of them and a lot will appear in future!
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Where to buy gel paint?

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