Moulding Set EMPASTA

Moulding Set EMPASTA

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Empasta Moulding set by E.Mi

Original product of E.Mi

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Set consists of:

- Empasta Baroque Gold 5 ml
- Empasta Silver 5 ml
- Emi gel Liquid stone
- Emi Brush

Ideal for moulding modelling, embossing and 3D vintage manicure.

- Any height

- Ability to apply in several layers

- Subtlety lines, regardless of the height of the material

You yourself determine and control the thickness of the paste, does not flow, has no residual stickiness.

How to create 3D vintage nails with Empasta ?

1) Buff nails,use primer, E.Mi base coat

2) Apply 1-2 layers of gel paints or E.MiLac . Dry 1 min in LED and 2 min in UV lamp. 
Cover with E.Milac Base gel and dry.

3) Use  E.Mi Decoupage stickers  to create vintage nail design

- Cover nails with E.MiLac Slider gel and dry 15 sec in LED /CCFL or 1 min in UV lamp
- Apply  E.Mi Decoupage stickers and fix and smooth it
- Cover nails with 1 layer of  E.MiLac Slider gel and 1 layer of E.MiLac top gel and dry it.
- Clean nails from sticky layer

5) Paint volume frame  with Empasta Baroque Gold and dry it. 

6) Make 2-3 layers of painting with empasta. Paint shadow with black or gray gel paint

7) Cover E.Mi Decoupage stickers with Emi gel Liquid stone dry it. 

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