Lovely Base Coat Rose , 12 ml

Lovely Base Coat Rose , 12 ml

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Rose Base Cover

Volume: 12ml

Brand: Lovely

2 in 1: base and camouflage in one bottle

Features camouflage base Lovely:

- It has a thick consistency and a natural universal shade, which allows you to hide all the defects of the nails;
- significantly saves the time of work of nail-masters;
- It can be used as an independent coating for strengthening and smoothing natural nails or as a base for colored gel polish.

In terms of durability, the coating is equivalent to the classic rubber base for Lovely gel polish. Holds without chips for up to 5 weeks.


Use as a base coat for the Lovely gel polish system:

1. Treat the nail with a soft file (the Lovely buff will do just fine);

2. Degrease the nail plate using the Lovely Cleanser;

3. Apply Lovely Primer and leave it to air dry for 30 seconds;

4. Spread a thin layer on the surface of the nail plate camouflage base from Lovely. Then dry the nails in the lamp.
The recommended polymerization time in the UV lamp is 2 minutes, in the LED lamp - 60 seconds.


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