Lovely 5d gel polish №02

Lovely 5d gel polish №02

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Lovely 5D gel

Brand: Lovely
Volume: 12 ml

Features of Lovely "North Light" gel polish:
- deep 5D-glare allows you to create many design variations;
- brand density;
- resistance 3-5 weeks;
- It looks spectacular even without the use of a magnet;
- does not chip, does not scratch, does not exfoliate;
- Easily removable with Lovely Remover.

How to make 5D manicure?
1) Prepare nails as usual
2) Apply Ultrabound and Rubber base coat and dry it.
3) Apply 1 layer of  Black gel polish and dry it.
4) Apply 1-2 layer of Lovely 5d North Light gel polish and use Magnet to achive desired effect.
Dry 2 min in UV lamp or 60 s in Led lamp
5) Cover nails with  Rubber top coat and dry it.


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