Gold flexible stickers №02

Gold flexible stickers №02

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Gold Lace Decals 

Consists of 1 sheet

Size: 11,5cm x 6cm

Simple & easy to use - with brilliant looking results!

3D Gold Lace - jewelry on nails

Nail art industry does not get tired to please nail artist  by proposing new interesting ideas to create an original manicure. 

One of them is 3D stickers, which make it possible to achieve not only a beautiful painting on the nails, but also an original sculpturing effect due to the volume texture. 

3D sliders are practical and easy to use, so you can perform such a design at home without the help of a specialist.

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How to use flexible stickers ?

1. Prepare nails - clean, file, buff, apply base coat

2. Apply color gel polish  (1-2 coats as you need), dry in lamp.

3. Separate the image from the substrate by shear and put on nail  little beat press

4. Make covering with base coat around the element design, it is like creating little bumpers, cure in lamp.

5. Cover the entire nail and element design with thin layer of finish top, then cure in lamp. Remove sticky layer.

Some designs of such stripes are flexible, can be fix as you need


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