Cat Eye Magnetic Pigment №8

Cat Eye Magnetic Pigment №8

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Magnetic Holo Pigment

Cat Eye Magnetic Pigment with Holographic flakes

Volume:  0,5g
(The jar will not filled to top with product. This volume is enough for long time) 

 Magnetic pigment "Cat's Eye" with the effect of 3D and holographic flakes. Pigment is the crushed magnetic particles of different shades, which you can assemble with a special magnet in the shape you need, for example, strips, waves, gradient.

How to use:

1) Magnetic pigment must be mixed with a small amount of any top coating for gel-polish before application (preferably with a sticky layer). The resulting mixture  apply with a brush to the prepared surface as a normal gel-polish.

2) Then hold the magnet in this position to get the desired pattern. Magnetic patterns are affected by many factors, such as proximity to the object, exposure time, location of impact, the strength of the magnet, so do not forget about it and experiment until you get your ideal.

3) As soon as the drawing is ready, fix the result by drying it in the lamp. The residence time in the lamp depends on the characteristics of the top you use and the power of the lamp.

4) Design should be covered with top coat and dried again.

The brightness of the magnetic strip directly depends on the color of the background, the darker the background the brighter you get the picture. 


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