Base gel E.MiLac

Base gel E.MiLac

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Base gel polish by E.Mi

Original product of E.Mi

*** Pre-order product. It can take 2-7 days to collect order

Volume: 9ml, 15 ml


- This base gel eliminates detachment even from the most problematic nails.

- Very quickly polymerizes in the LED and UV lamp ( 1 min in LED and 2 min in UV lamp)

- Does not conflict with primers and gels of other manufacturers

- The consistency of base gel is a bit liquid but not numb on the cuticle

- small consumption, alignment does not require a huge amount of material

- ideal hitch with a nail plate 

- fits any gel polishes

- worn for several weeks without detachment

- Easy to dissolve by Gel Polish Remover 

- protects the nail plate from the penetration of  gel polish dye

Dipentaerythritol Hexaacrylate; Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate; HEMA; Isobormil Acrylate; Acrilic Acid.

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