Velur Top gel  E.MiLac

Velur Top gel E.MiLac

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Velur Matte top by E.Mi

Original product of E.Mi

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Following all the fashion trends, improving and developing its products, E.Mi has created a special tool that gives the nails a perfect matte effect and gives an incredibly velvet to the touch coating

Volume: 9ml
Polymerization time 2 min.


  • Velor top from E.Mi will allow you to embody any of your ideas.
    You can cover the entire nail plate, and come up with many design options, combining it with a glossy finish.
  • Does not turn yellow.
  • The softness of velor - very pleasant to the touch.
    E. MiLac Velur Matt Top Gel gives the nails a matte effect and an incredibly velvety to the touch coating.
  • 100% durability. The lasting effect of velor lasts up to 3 weeks.
  • The convenience of use.
    The perfect texture and comfortable brush allow you to apply E. MiLac Velur Matt Top Gel with a uniform thin layer.

EMi Manicure with Velur top

1) Prepare nails plate with E.MiLac BASE GEL
Dry LED / CCFL - 30 sec., UV - 2 min.
2) Imprint yellow and blue foils on nails
Cover nails with EMi Tackless top  and dry LED / CCFL - 15 sec., UV - 1 minute.
3) Cover nails with Velur top gel and dry
4) One nail paint with blue EmiLac and dry
5) Apply Charmicon #37 "Geometry" and stick on blue nail
Cover first with Emi Slider top and then  E.MiLac  top coating and again dry LED / CCFL - 30 sec., UV - 2 min.

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