Velvet sand and Liqid stone E.Mi set

Velvet sand and Liqid stone E.Mi set

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E.Mi Kit Liquid Stones and Velvet sand

Original product of E.Mi
*** Pre-order product. It can take 2-7 days to collect order

Set consists of:
- Liquid stone gel 10 ml
- Velvet sand 60 ml
- Brush for removing of sand excess

Set "Liquid Stone and Velvet sand" is unique nail matirials created by E.Mi

- E.Mi Liquid stone gel allows to make any high nail jewelry , bubble-free stones, long wearing and unreals beaury nail decoration
In comperison with other thik gels Liquid stone has  has quick drying time at first seconds even then mixed with color  gel paints.
Also this gel can be mixed with Empasta gels for creating bas-relief texuted nail ornaments as volume roses.

- E.Mi Velvet sand is very thin particles sand for velure nails , velvet manicure. The sand has transparent color and it acheive the color of painted gel.
Nails with velvet sand looks like plush.

Both materials have no need to be covered with top coat.

How to make Velvet Nails?

1) Make standart preparation of nails , cover with Emi Ultrabound and Emi Base gel

2) Apply 1-2 layer of E.miLac gel polish and dry it

3) Remove sticky layer of gel polish

4) Paint ornaments with the same color gel paint but do not dry it. Lines shoult ve very thin

5) Pour Velvet sand in nails several times. Dry it.

6) Remove excess of sand by brush

You can buy E.Mi Velvet sand and Liquid stone kit by placing an order in our online store Glifada.
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After confirming the order, we will complete your order in the shortest possible time.

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