Start Set E.Mi gel paint

Start Set E.Mi gel paint

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E.Mi Start gel paint Set

E.Mi start Kit

Original product of E.Mi
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Set Start - main materials for a demanded nail master in a set! Golden set of materials for a demanded nail master. With the help of this set you can make all main coatings - classic coating from cuticle to the free nail edge, French and lunar manicure, ombre and decorate them with different details - lace, casting, rub-off and original stylized painting. Material + skill in a set! Due to minibook with 5 detailed master classes included, you can copy legendary nail designs, make your own variants and realize the customers'' desire

Set consists of:

1. 3 brushes

-Brush «Square» №6

Brush «Liniar» №5/0 (white syntetic)

KZO-0/0 Brush «Oval» №0/0

2.  2  EMPASTA

EMPASTA Black Tar 5ml.

EMPASTA White Rafinad 5ml.

3. 6 gel paints

CLASSIC Black Tulip 5ml.

CLASSIC Alpine Snow 5ml.

CLASSIC Walnut 5ml.

CLASSIC Red Poppy 5ml.

CLASSIC Sunny Buttercup 5ml.

CLASSIC Blue Blues 5ml.

4. 2 types of foils

- Foil glossy Silver

- Foil glossy Gold

5. 1 semi-transparent dust and 5 holo dust

Dust semitransparent #024

Dust holographic #113

Dust holographic #100

Dust holographic #131

Dust holographic #022

Dust holographic #112

6. Top-gel without sticky layer 10 ml

7. RM Step-by-step quide Start

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